22-p 1980-2015

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Pic, Petri Jutila

Hi !

Many have asked what 22-p is about to do,

where is the album, how is the mood,

has the bad moon been rising… ?

I’ll try to tell y:

22-p will be 35 years young this year.

We tried to make an album to celebrate

with you all:

Made a bunch of tunes, some of them are really

pretty !

Brothers fell in a fight ring,

stopped rocking,

this time it ended ugly.

After several bow wow wows =

22-p needs a pause.


Now we are back in peace/calm.


We´ll play these summer gigs

and quit for a while.

Last gig will naturally be

in Helsinki, our hometown, 22.08. at Tavastia Club.

We are aiming to play a long set,

so the ones attending,

will get enough of our stuff.


Then what ?

P-K will continue his solo works, make a solo-album

and work with Oliver Whitehead, playing guitar to Oliver’s poems.

They will make a record as well.


Espe will craft many songs,

become a droubadour performing his cool songs.

Finish some not-ready music projects he is a part of and

playing his nice drumming here and there.


I will learn to sing and play guitar,

be a street musician, play iPhone In Ylva band,

play together with Kati Salo,

compose 324 songs

and draw 1235 drawings.


Plus we´ll be kind to animals,

listen to a lot of music

spent time with our families,

read mountains of books

run our Altai studios,

swim, walk, be amazed by the beautiful sides of the universe…

When we feel the urge to R&R with 22-p we’ll

continue, as has been the case from 1980 to 2015.


Thank you all for being around in various ways.

We do appreciate it.

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Love & Rockets !!!

22-p / Asko


Pic Eva Rems