Lime Green DeLorean 2011

  1. Lights By The Highway
  2. Dream 1987
  3. UFO Girl
  4. Stupid
  5. So Much Snow
  6. Sunny Days
  7. Broken Toys Make No Noise
  8. So Happy Today
  9. Sweet Rodeo Heart
  10. Find Me
  11. Lime Green DeLorean
  • Release Year 2011
  • Label Bone Voyage
  • Catalog # BONE-0161 (LP) / BONE-0162 (CD)

It’s a hotrodded car-rocket to the 5th dimension of the mind, made out of spare parts and oddities, plus a naive faith to mystical mojos. Lime Green Delorean is a vehicle to go to Go-Go joints due to dance, shake, enlighten your immortal soul and talk with Gods. Join the big flow of the beings.
KISS stuff!

While their previous album “(Well You Know) Stuff Is Like We Yeah!”, was recorded in only 10 days and co-produced by Shimmy Disc wizzard Kramer, this here, like their ’96 album “Eleven”, is self-produced again and with a little help of some close friends. It was recorded at their own Altai Studio in Helsinki, inbetween touring activities from summer 2010 to january 2011.

The flow of the 11 songs form a dynamic album, full of surprises, cinematic and intimate at equal measures.It has spacy ballads for deserted highways, psycho-boogie, early 70s spirit, some wall of sound in trio size, Ufo Girl Pop, keyboard candy and one sample – taken from a 1938 recording by Golden Gate Quartet.

Playful, harsh, sweet and tender, simple rockin’groovy – the unique qualities of the 3 songwriters got boosted here. Even those who follow the band since a long time gonna find a new level of 22pp beauty: whether in PKs buck naked falsetto vocals, Espe’s simplifying beats, Asko’s weird sounds, their loose choirs, fuzzed fat guitars, focus and chaos, silence and noise – they haven’t gone that far, yet.

-Bone Voyage Recording Company

(Well You Know) Stuff Is Like We Yeah 2008

  1. Suburban Ladyland
  2. Crazy Meat
  3. Lizard
  4. Angouleme 2036
  5. Sky Girl
  6. Zombie
  7. Aquarius Zero
  8. Garbage Land
  9. Summer Triangle
  10. Smiley Are Not Enough
  11. Blue And Purple
  12. Refrain From The Refrain
  13. The Others
  • Release Year 2008
  • Label Bone Voyage
  • Catalog # BONE-0102, BONE-0101

On this new album 22 Pistepirkko presents exactly the sound they’re good at. Melancholic and atmospheric like in ‘Lizard’ or psychedelic such as in ‘Garbage Land ’. Britpop and rock like in ‘Summer Triangle’ and ‘Zombie’. InFinland this overall achieved recording produced by Kramer already entered the album charts at a top position. Who knows what will be next?


Monochrome Set 2007

  1. This Strange Effect (originally performed by The Kinks)
  2. (The Girl With The) Raven Hair (Jody Reynolds)
  3. 66-5-4-3-2-1 (The Troggs)
  4. Zip Code (Link Wray)
  5. Endless Sleep (Jody Reynolds)
  6. Girl in Black (The Troggs)
  7. Scatter (Link Wray)
  8. Law Of The Jungle (Link Wray)
  9. Well… All Right (Buddy Holly)
  10. Fire of Love (Jody Reynolds)
  11. Love Hurts (Everly Brothers)
  12. Rumble (Link Wray)
  13. I’m Branded (Link Wray)
  • Release year 2007
  • Label Bone Voyage
  • Catalog # BONE-0052

22-Pistepirkko play songs written and originally performed by others.

Drops & Kicks 2005

  1. Mr. Twister
  2. Rat King
  3. I Knew
  4. Space Riding
  5. Sister May
  6. Not So Good at School
  7. X-(wo)men
  8. Stay
  9. I Got Burned
  10. Hello Sunshine
  11. One Man Down
  12. Soul Free
  13. Second Thoughts
  14. We Ought
  • Release Year 2005
  • Label Bone Voyage
  • Catalog # BONE-0022, BONE-0021

Their 10th album was recorded with Bare Bone Mobile facilities and at Svenska Gramofon, Gothenborg, SWE. Kalle Gustafsson (The Soundtrack of Our Lives) has produced while fellow TSOOL mates (Ebbot sings and Martin Hederos plays piano ans keys) helped out. 22-P fan John Hanlon (Neil Young’s sound engineer) flew over from sunny California to Scandinavia to put his hands on a handful of the final mixes. Star-studded!

Rally Of Love 2001

  1. Quicksand
  2. This Time
  3. Car Wash
  4. Freeman
  5. Bloodstopper
  6. I’m A Moon Around You
  7. Mowin A Lawn
  8. Waiting For The Train
  9. D-Day
  10. Metro Blues
  11. Rally Of Love
  • Release Year 2001
  • Recorded Tambourine Studios and Bare Bone Studios
  • Label Playground
  • Catalog # PGMCD 4

22-Pistepirkko has always been a very experimental and open-minded band, but on Eleven  they found a whole new way of arranging songs, featuring more and more tracks that relied on drum machine or synth leads. Despite 22-Pistepirkko’s attraction to MIDI synths and computer, Eleven had a lot of guitars, but on Rally of Love they’ve jumped even further. And that’s not even the most shocking thing to old school 22-Pistepirkko fans: 22-Pistepirkko has intentionally tried to make a poppy and produced album. That and the extensive use of synthesizers make Rally of Love a 22-Pistepirkko album you’ve never heard before. Their songwriting has remained just the same, so what you hear is a very modernized version of 22-Pistepirkko.

Antti J. Ravelin,

Downhill City OST 1999

  1. Fabion’s theme
  2. Downhill City
  3. Fusijan
  4. Say Wrong
  5. Let the romeo weep (flamenco mix)
  6. Snowy Dave-99
  7. Doris Drives Away
  8. Sascha’s theme
  9. Where’s the home, Joey?
  10. Coffee Girl 2
  11. Truth
  12. Fuijsan (beatbox jam)
  13. Roundabout 2
  14. Tokyo Tiger (Aleksei Borisoy remix)
  • Release Year 1999
  • Recorder and mixed Barebone-mobile unit 1999
  • Label Clearspot
  • Catalog # cs 032/EFA 05418-2

As a side project to their ‘official’ albums, 22-Pistepirkko also wrote and recorded the soundtrack to ‘Downhill City’, a Finnish-German feature film by Hannu Salonen. It tells the story of contrasting characters in today’s Berlin, starr. actors Franca Potente (“Lola Runs”) and Teemu Aromaa. The band relished the opportunity to tread new territory, combining a specially-written score with reworked tracks from previous albums (including a flamenco mix of ‘Let The Romeo Weep’ featuring Hanoi Rocks guitarist Andy McCoy and a smashing remix of Tokyo Tiger by Russian tech-head Aleksei Borisov).

Eleven 1998

  1. Taxi 74
  2. Onion Soup
  3. Coma Moon
  4. Sad Lake City
  5. Boardroom Walk
  6. Hey Man
  7. Let The Romeo Weep
  8. Beatiful Morning
  9. Frustration
  10. Shadow
  11. Miles & Nemo
  • Release Year 1998
  • Recorder and mixed Bare Bone Studios 1997-1998
  • Label Clearspot
  • Catalog # EFA 05409-1

Bluesy and atmospheric, Eleven is in many regards 22-Pistepirkko’s best record — grabbing influences from sources ranging from John Lee Hooker to the Velvet Underground to Beck, the group emerges with a sound that’s all their own, perhaps best described as electronic roots music. Not all of their experiments work, but when they do — like on “Coma Moon” and “Beautiful Morning” — the results are highly impressive.

-Jason Ankeny,

Zipcode 1996

  1. Tired Of Being Drunk (remix by Aleksei Borisov and Tetris)
  2. Swamp Blues (remix by Martin Rev)
  3. Wild Billy (remix by Utah Saints)
  4. Roundabout (remix by 22PP)
  5. I Never Said (remixed by Vesa Lankinen)
  6. Little bit more (remake by Larry and The Lefthanded)
  7. Snowy Dave (remix by Mom)
  8. Oo My Head (remix by Theory)
  9. Oo My Head (remix by Vesa Lankinen)
  10. Don’t Play Cello (remake by Arno)
  11. Don’t Say I’m So Evil (remake by P. Rajanti and J. Jaakonaho)
  12. Horror O’ Horrible (remake by 22PP)
  13. Bubblegum Couple (remix by Peter Zaremba)
  14. Gimme Some Water (remix by Ilkka Mattila)
  15. Birdy (remake by Jimi Tenor)
  • Release Year 1996
  • Label Bare Bone Business
  • Catalog # 531.588-2

Since 22-Pistepirkko have been around for over 15 years, it’s obvious that they have earned the right to do something special. Though remix compilation isn’t usually a perfect solution for this, 22-Pistepirkko have succeeded to make a decent remix and remake album with artists such as Larry and the Lefthanded and Finland’s electro-superstar Jimi Tenor.

Antti J. Ravelin

Rumble City, LaLa Land 1994

  1. Wild Billy
  2. Oo My Head
  3. (just a) Little Bit More
  4. Tokyo Tiger
  5. Snowy Dave
  6. At The Everybody’s
  7. I Never Said
  8. I do do I
  9. Gimme Some Water
  10. Blue Balloon
  11. Nappy King Blues
  12. Coffee Girl
  • Release Year 1994
  • Label Bone Voyage

It is hard to categorize such an impressive band as 22-Pistepirkko. Basically, the music is blues, but words like rock, pop, electronica, synth pop, and experimental pop into mind while listening to Rumble City, LaLa Land. It’s the album that made 22-Pistepirkko internationally known, and raised their musical variety to new levels. It’s obvious that 22-Pistepirkko have used the same instruments on every track, but the result sounds different each time. Even minimalistic parts sound very impressive compared to the poppy choruses of “(Just A) Little Bit More” and “At the Everybody’s.” The whole, as a result, reminds one of the Velvet Underground or Talking Heads in a ’90s format.

-Antti J. Ravelin,

Big Lupu 1992

  1. Bubblegum Couple
  2. Don’t Say I’m So Evil
  3. Household Affairs
  4. Tired Of Being Drunk
  5. I’m Right
  6. Crippled And Bling Blues
  7. Texacoson
  8. Papa
  9. Swamp Blues
  10. All Night Cafe
  11. She’s So Shy
  12. Hawk Walk
  • Release Year 1992
  • Recorder and mixed Master recording, Music box, Millbrook & Finnvox studios 1991
  • Label Spirit / Polygam; Bone Voyage (re-issue)
  • Catalog # SpiritLP7 / BONE-2261 (LP 2012)

22-Pistepirkko’s Big Lupu might be the most interesting experimental rock album for years. They have remained the simple and minimalistic sound but still it feels so impressive. Big Lupu is 22-Pistepirkko’s journey through rock, pop, folk, country, lo-fi, electronica, and anything possible between them. It’s a logical follow-up to their two previous albums, The Kings of Hong Kong and Bare Bone Nest. 22-Pistepirkko have just remained the same concept but enlarged their sound at the same time. As the result Big Lupu  sounds a bit fragile, but a reasonable whole. Though 22-Pistepirkko have concentrated to create an ambitious sound, Big Lupu is full of catchy choruses and hit songs. Therefore it works for both demanding rock and pop audiences.

– Antti J. Ravelin,

Bare Bone Nest 1989

  1. Frankenstein
  2. Don’t Go Home Joe
  3. Don’t Play Cello
  4. You’re Mine Blues
  5. Shot Bayou
  6. Night Train Miss
  7. Fly On
  8. Bare Bone Baby
  9. Round Table Blues
  10. Till the Day I Die
  11. She’s So Alone
  12. Save My Soul
  13. Bare Bone Nest
  • Release Year 1989
  • Recorder and mixed United & Equalizer Studios 1988-1989
  • Label Spirit / Polygam; Bone Voyage (re-issue)
  • Catalog # SPIRITCD 1, SPIRITLP 1; BONE-2221 (LP 2011)

The Kings Of Hong Kong 1987

  1. I’m Back
  2. Geronimo
  3. Last Night
  4. Big Bed
  5. Hong Kong King
  6. Hank’s T.V. Set
  7. Don’t Try To Tease Me
  8. I’m Staying Now
  9. Lost Lost Love
  10. B-instrumental
  11. Motorcycle Man
  12. Searching & Looking
  13. Horseman’s Son
  • Release Year 1987
  • Recorder and mixed Recorded and mixed at Inenious studio in summer 1987
  • Label Euros
  • Catalog # SINCD 1036, SIN 1036

The first 22-Pistepirkko album in English starts the actual success story that has lasted for over 15 years. Their later sound hasn’t been yet founded on The Kings of Hong Kong, but it’s a good example what these experimental rockers can do even on their first records. And of course super producer Riku Mattila’s presence has its reasons for 22-Pistepirkko’s unique sound. And despite that this is theoretically their debut, it’s still a great album

– Antti J. Ravelin

Piano, Rumpu ja Kukka 1984

  1. Kellarissa
  2. Metsässä kukkia
  3. Kathy
  4. I Need Love
  5. Sinun suuri sukusi
  6. Prinsessa
  7. Noita
  8. Kuusi poikamiestä
  9. Enkeli lensi pois
  10. Jealouse & Joey
  11. Let’s Dance
  12. Kissa
  13. Soiva talo
    Bonus Tracks:
  14. Naurettavaa
  15. KAmmo kammo kamala
  16. Satu
  17. Tango
  18. Wild Thing
  19. Lasinen norsu
  • Release Year 1984
  • Label BETA
  • Catalog # BECD 4007, Beta 4007

The first LP of 22 Pistepirkko “Piano, Rumpu & Kukka” was released in 1984. The music was silent, tentative, fragile and quite minimalist.