Singles & EPs

Birdy 2011

  1. Side A – Birdy
  2. Side B – Birdy Dub by Jimi Tenor
  • Release Date 16.04.2011
  • Label Bone Voyage
  • Catalog # BONES-1604

In the year of their 30th anniversary we choosed Birdy as a one-off release, which also suits well into the vinyl re-issue serial of the 80s albums we are doing in 2011.

Birdy is the only pop song we know of, which has a no-music, just atmosphere break in the middle, but despite this was one of the band’s biggest radio hits. It’s just a compelling song, and most likely still is in 30 years from now.

B-Side is a remake by Jimi Tenor from the mid nineties (taken from “Zipcode”).

Tenor about this remix: “I choose Birdy song because it is a hit. Plus the bird song in the mid part was easy to synch to the remix by playing it directly from the original CD.  I did not own a sampler that time yet.”

-Bone Voyage Recording Company

Ufo Girl 2011

  1. Ufo Girl (Collect call mix)
  2. Number One (demo)
  3. Get Along (demo)
  • Release Year 2011
  • Label Bone Voyage
  • Catalog # BONED-0169

Digital only single. 3 songs from the Lime Green DeLorean session which are not on the album CD.

-Bone Voyage Recording Company

Angouleme 2036 2008

  1. Side title A: Angouleme 2036
  2. Side title B: Sky Girl (Slide Demo Version)
  • Release Year 2008
  • Label Bone Voyage

Shot from the hip “Angouleme 2036” is a stomping and odd falsetto blues boogie. For their 2008 album entitled “(Well You Know) Stuff Is Like We Yeah!”, of which this track is taken from, they’ve teamed up with legendary Shimmydisc producer Kramer (Galaxy 500, Daniel Johnston, Ween, Bongwater, Butthole Surfers, a.m.o.). “Sky Girl” from the original 7″ B-side is an appealing demoversion and only available on this single, packed in handstamped cover cardboardsleeve.

Suburban Ladyland 2008

  1. Suburban Ladyland
  2. Close
  3. Coffee Girl – Macchiatobubbleremix
  4. PDF of 22-Pistepirkko The Book
  • Release Year 2008
  • Label Bone Voyage
  • Catalog # BONE-0109

“Suburban Ladyland” is taken from the new album “(Well You Know) Stuff Is Like We Yeah”. “Close” you will just find here. “Coffee Girl” mix is from the bonus material which we consider for the 2CD re-issue “Rumble City LaLaLand”.  Incl. a full 390 pages book as pdf “22-Pistepirkko”.

Ouwee 2006

  1. Ou Wee!
  2. Hiss Hiss
  3. Havana City Beat
  4. Zip Code (The Others)
  5. Scatter (The Others)
  6. Law Of The Jungle (The Others)
  • Release Year 2006
  • Label Bad Afro
  • Catalog # 82044

The EP will include a re-mastered version of their first 7′ in English called ‘Ou Wee’. This single was originally released in 1986 on Pygmi Records and is today a collectors items. It was the first time they used English vocals and they kept that tradition for the Kings of Hong Kong album from 1987 and have been doing so ever since.

The EP will also include the very first recordings by The Others a.k.a. 22PP. The Others are 22 Pistepirkko’s garage rock alter ego who play covers of personal favourites like The Troggs, Velvet Underground and Hank Williams. The style is primitive and wild. Old instruments, vintage R&R sound. Here they cover three Link Wray tunes: ‘Scatter’, ‘Law of the Jungle’ and ‘Zipcode’.

Rat King 2005

  1. Title side A: Rat King
  2. Title side B: Not So Good At School
  • Release Year 2005
  • Label Bone Voyage
  • Catalog # BONE-001

The single issued before the Drops & Kicks album was released.

On the B-Side you’ll find a slightly different version of “Not So Good At School”, which recalls a little bit that they’ve been into the ramones, when 22pp started off in Utarjärvi.

The Train 2002

  1. Waiting for the train
  2. Waiting for the train (Jori Hulkkonen’s remix)
  3. Waiting for the train (to rococo rot’s remix)
  4. D-day (live)
  5. Let the romeo weep (live)  t
  6. Coffee girl (live, videotrack)
  • Release Year 2002
  • Recorded Tambourine studios
  • Catalog # EFACD 50206/cs 060

This Time 2001

  1. This time
  2. This time (Basement Take)
  • Release Year 2001
  • Label Playground
  • Catalog # PGMCDS 8

Quicksand 2001

  1. Quicksand
  2. Havana City Beat
  • Release Year 2001
  • Recorded Tambourine Studios
  • Label Playground
  • Catalog # PGMCDS 12

Onion Soup 1998

  1. Onion Soup
  2. Miles & Nemo
  3. Romeo Intrumental
  • Release Year 1998
  • Label Clearspot
  • Catalog # 021

Spotlighting the first single from the group’s Eleven  LP, the three-track “Onion Soup” features the negligible “Miles & Nemo” as well as an instrumental rendition of the album cut “Romeo,” and is an otherwise unnecessary purchase for anyone but collectors of 22-Pistepirkko recordings.

-Jason Ankeny,

Boardroom Walk 1998

  1. Boardroom Walk
  2. Boardroom Walk (Rainy Night Mix by Asko)
  • Release Year 1998
  • Recorded Bare Bone Studios 1997-1998
  • Label SPIRIT
  • Catalog # 567.376-2

Roundabout 1996

  1. Roundabout
  2. I Never Said (Vesa Lankinen Remix)
  3. All Night Cafe (P. Rajanti Remix)
  • Release Year 1996
  • Label SPIRIT
  • Catalog # 576.875-2

(just a) Little Bit More 1992

  1. (just a) Little Bit More
  2. Hey Mona (live)
  • Release Year 1992
  • Label SPIRIT
  • Catalog # SPIRITCDS 009

Don’t Say I’m So Evil 1992

  1. Don’t Say I’m So Evil (Slow)
  2. Don’t Say I’m So Evil (Fast)
  3. Don’t Say I’m So Evil (Medium)
  • Release Year 1992
  • Label SPIRIT
  • Catalog # SPIRITS 009

Hong Kong King 1987

  1. Title side A: Hong Kong King
  2. Title side B: Hank’s TV Set
  • Release Year 1987
  • Label PYGMI KY
  • Catalog # EUROSSIS-026