Big Lupu 1992

  1. Bubblegum Couple
  2. Don’t Say I’m So Evil
  3. Household Affairs
  4. Tired Of Being Drunk
  5. I’m Right
  6. Crippled And Bling Blues
  7. Texacoson
  8. Papa
  9. Swamp Blues
  10. All Night Cafe
  11. She’s So Shy
  12. Hawk Walk
  • Release Year 1992
  • Recorder and mixed Master recording, Music box, Millbrook & Finnvox studios 1991
  • Label Spirit / Polygam; Bone Voyage (re-issue)
  • Catalog # SpiritLP7 / BONE-2261 (LP 2012)

22-Pistepirkko’s Big Lupu might be the most interesting experimental rock album for years. They have remained the simple and minimalistic sound but still it feels so impressive. Big Lupu is 22-Pistepirkko’s journey through rock, pop, folk, country, lo-fi, electronica, and anything possible between them. It’s a logical follow-up to their two previous albums, The Kings of Hong Kong and Bare Bone Nest. 22-Pistepirkko have just remained the same concept but enlarged their sound at the same time. As the result Big Lupu  sounds a bit fragile, but a reasonable whole. Though 22-Pistepirkko have concentrated to create an ambitious sound, Big Lupu is full of catchy choruses and hit songs. Therefore it works for both demanding rock and pop audiences.

– Antti J. Ravelin,