Eleven 1998

  1. Taxi 74
  2. Onion Soup
  3. Coma Moon
  4. Sad Lake City
  5. Boardroom Walk
  6. Hey Man
  7. Let The Romeo Weep
  8. Beatiful Morning
  9. Frustration
  10. Shadow
  11. Miles & Nemo
  • Release Year 1998
  • Recorder and mixed Bare Bone Studios 1997-1998
  • Label Clearspot
  • Catalog # EFA 05409-1

Bluesy and atmospheric, Eleven is in many regards 22-Pistepirkko’s best record — grabbing influences from sources ranging from John Lee Hooker to the Velvet Underground to Beck, the group emerges with a sound that’s all their own, perhaps best described as electronic roots music. Not all of their experiments work, but when they do — like on “Coma Moon” and “Beautiful Morning” — the results are highly impressive.

-Jason Ankeny, Allmusic.com