Ouwee 2006

  1. Ou Wee!
  2. Hiss Hiss
  3. Havana City Beat
  4. Zip Code (The Others)
  5. Scatter (The Others)
  6. Law Of The Jungle (The Others)
  • Release Year 2006
  • Label Bad Afro
  • Catalog # 82044

The EP will include a re-mastered version of their first 7′ in English called ‘Ou Wee’. This single was originally released in 1986 on Pygmi Records and is today a collectors items. It was the first time they used English vocals and they kept that tradition for the Kings of Hong Kong album from 1987 and have been doing so ever since.

The EP will also include the very first recordings by The Others a.k.a. 22PP. The Others are 22 Pistepirkko’s garage rock alter ego who play covers of personal favourites like The Troggs, Velvet Underground and Hank Williams. The style is primitive and wild. Old instruments, vintage R&R sound. Here they cover three Link Wray tunes: ‘Scatter’, ‘Law of the Jungle’ and ‘Zipcode’.