Rally Of Love 2001

  1. Quicksand
  2. This Time
  3. Car Wash
  4. Freeman
  5. Bloodstopper
  6. I’m A Moon Around You
  7. Mowin A Lawn
  8. Waiting For The Train
  9. D-Day
  10. Metro Blues
  11. Rally Of Love
  • Release Year 2001
  • Recorded Tambourine Studios and Bare Bone Studios
  • Label Playground
  • Catalog # PGMCD 4

22-Pistepirkko has always been a very experimental and open-minded band, but on Eleven  they found a whole new way of arranging songs, featuring more and more tracks that relied on drum machine or synth leads. Despite 22-Pistepirkko’s attraction to MIDI synths and computer, Eleven had a lot of guitars, but on Rally of Love they’ve jumped even further. And that’s not even the most shocking thing to old school 22-Pistepirkko fans: 22-Pistepirkko has intentionally tried to make a poppy and produced album. That and the extensive use of synthesizers make Rally of Love a 22-Pistepirkko album you’ve never heard before. Their songwriting has remained just the same, so what you hear is a very modernized version of 22-Pistepirkko.

Antti J. Ravelin, Allmusic.com