Rumble City, LaLa Land 1994

  1. Wild Billy
  2. Oo My Head
  3. (just a) Little Bit More
  4. Tokyo Tiger
  5. Snowy Dave
  6. At The Everybody’s
  7. I Never Said
  8. I do do I
  9. Gimme Some Water
  10. Blue Balloon
  11. Nappy King Blues
  12. Coffee Girl
  • Release Year 1994
  • Label Bone Voyage

It is hard to categorize such an impressive band as 22-Pistepirkko. Basically, the music is blues, but words like rock, pop, electronica, synth pop, and experimental pop into mind while listening to Rumble City, LaLa Land. It’s the album that made 22-Pistepirkko internationally known, and raised their musical variety to new levels. It’s obvious that 22-Pistepirkko have used the same instruments on every track, but the result sounds different each time. Even minimalistic parts sound very impressive compared to the poppy choruses of “(Just A) Little Bit More” and “At the Everybody’s.” The whole, as a result, reminds one of the Velvet Underground or Talking Heads in a ’90s format.

-Antti J. Ravelin,