(Well You Know) Stuff Is Like We Yeah 2008

  1. Suburban Ladyland
  2. Crazy Meat
  3. Lizard
  4. Angouleme 2036
  5. Sky Girl
  6. Zombie
  7. Aquarius Zero
  8. Garbage Land
  9. Summer Triangle
  10. Smiley Are Not Enough
  11. Blue And Purple
  12. Refrain From The Refrain
  13. The Others
  • Release Year 2008
  • Label Bone Voyage
  • Catalog # BONE-0102, BONE-0101

On this new album 22 Pistepirkko presents exactly the sound they’re good at. Melancholic and atmospheric like in ‘Lizard’ or psychedelic such as in ‘Garbage Land ’. Britpop and rock like in ‘Summer Triangle’ and ‘Zombie’. InFinland this overall achieved recording produced by Kramer already entered the album charts at a top position. Who knows what will be next?

-TekNoir, Gothtronic.com