Zipcode 1996

  1. Tired Of Being Drunk (remix by Aleksei Borisov and Tetris)
  2. Swamp Blues (remix by Martin Rev)
  3. Wild Billy (remix by Utah Saints)
  4. Roundabout (remix by 22PP)
  5. I Never Said (remixed by Vesa Lankinen)
  6. Little bit more (remake by Larry and The Lefthanded)
  7. Snowy Dave (remix by Mom)
  8. Oo My Head (remix by Theory)
  9. Oo My Head (remix by Vesa Lankinen)
  10. Don’t Play Cello (remake by Arno)
  11. Don’t Say I’m So Evil (remake by P. Rajanti and J. Jaakonaho)
  12. Horror O’ Horrible (remake by 22PP)
  13. Bubblegum Couple (remix by Peter Zaremba)
  14. Gimme Some Water (remix by Ilkka Mattila)
  15. Birdy (remake by Jimi Tenor)
  • Release Year 1996
  • Label Bare Bone Business
  • Catalog # 531.588-2

Since 22-Pistepirkko have been around for over 15 years, it’s obvious that they have earned the right to do something special. Though remix compilation isn’t usually a perfect solution for this, 22-Pistepirkko have succeeded to make a decent remix and remake album with artists such as Larry and the Lefthanded and Finland’s electro-superstar Jimi Tenor.

Antti J. Ravelin